What Happens If A Dog Doesn’t Eat For 3 Days

What happens if a dog doesn’t eat for 3 days? Obviously, you will not skip feeding your pet for 3 or more days! This matter refers to when a dog refuses to eat and you should know about the details. A dog refusing food is not a very common issue but it is more common than some of you may believe. Anyway, we will have to provide some answers you will need.

What Happens If A Dog Doesn’t Eat For 3 Days?

There is no need in telling you that dogs must eat every single day, just like humans. Well, if your dog doesn’t eat any food for three days this is going to happen. First of all, healthy and sick dogs will react differently. We are discussing the situation in which your dog still drinks water! Without water, they will have even more severe issues.

Dogs can generally survive up to 5 days without any food. This refers to healthy and young dogs. Sick and old dogs cannot survive that long. After 3 days without food, your pet will look too tired, will reuse to move, and probably won’t even react when he sees you. This is the time when you must take him to a vet. There is a reason why your pet is refusing to eat and you must address that issue as soon as possible.

It is very likely that your dog will survive and there will be no further complications or anything to worry about. However, some dogs may react more severely to this issue and they will end up with permanent damage. This time frame is crucial for most dogs. You need to seek professional help. Many times a dog will refuse to eat a whole day or even two but he will soon start eating. If he refuses to eat for more than 48 hours, follow his condition and be prepared to take him to a vet.

13 Reasons Your Dog Refuse To Eat

Well, there are more than just one reason why your dog will refuse food. You already know that dogs love to eat and they will eat all the time if they can. Well, if there is one or multiple issues from the list below, your pet will refuse food every single time when you try to feed him.

1. Dental problems

This is the most common problem. Dogs can’t speak and this means you probably won’t notice their dental problems. Bleeding and swelling gums, oral tumors, and many more issues can be the cause. A broken tooth can be the reason as well! In general, he will experience pain with every bite hence he will refuse food. This is the explanation why he won’t eat for days.

2. Medication or even a vaccine

Yes, this can happen. In general, a dog will refuse to eat because he is under medication or he just got a vaccine. If this happens, it won’t last long. It can last a couple of days or most commonly just one day. You need to be prepared and you need to wait until the issue is resolved. New medications are much better and they rarely cause these problems.

3. Change in his routine

This is another, common but overlooked reason. If you change the routine in the life of your dog, he may refuse to eat. This happens more frequently than you may believe. Dogs need routine and this must be a mandatory part of their life. If you change something, like the time of feeding, he may refuse to eat. This will usually last for a few days and it is normal for your pet to refuse the food you give to him.

4. Poor quality food

This is an actual and common reason. It is less likely that your pet will refuse to eat for 3 days but it may happen. See, low-quality foods have lack protein and dogs can notice that. As the result, they will refuse to eat that food. It is always a nice idea to try a different, premium food if your pet refuses to eat it. It may be the solution.

5. Same food

If you have been using the same food for a long period of time, your pet will refuse to eat it, eventually. This is quite obvious to understand. Dogs who have been eating the same food will get sick of the taste and they want to try something else. Once again, try a different brand or mix the food with some addition he likes and try like that. If he starts eating, you will know the problem.

6. Food is spoiled

What happens if a dog doesn’t eat for 3 days? Why does he refuse to eat? Well, one of the answers is spoiled food. This is another, common and huge problem. Most dog owners will get large amounts of food that will be kept for days or even weeks. This means that it can get spoiled. You may not be able to notice that but your dog can. Regardless of how many times you are giving him that food, he will refuse. Once again, change the food and see.

7. Not so good habits

For instance, when you come home and your dog expects a treat but you want to feed him, he will refuse to eat. This is a simple problem and you will have to wait for some time and the issue will resolve itself.

8. He ate too much

Keep in mind that all the treats you are giving to your pet must make only 10% of the daily calorie intake. If you are giving him more than that you have a problem. He will eat normal food as well. This means that he will have a massive calorie intake and he will overeat. If this happens he will refuse to eat and yes, this can last for days. Once his tummy is better, he will start eating once again.

9. Medical issues

This is actually a very common reason why your pet didn’t eat for 3 or more days. There are many options here. For instance, organ failure, infection, allergy, cancer and many more can cause the issues. That’s why it is mandatory to take your pet to a vet if he refuses to eat for a couple of days. Most of the issues can be easily and successfully treated when diagnosed early. This is one of the main reasons why regular checks to a vet are so important and needed.

10. Previous health issues

If a dog vomits he will refuse to eat the same food. He will probably refuse to eat any food for a couple of days. There is not a lot of things you can do in this case. He will need the time to get used to the food that made him vomit. There are countless issues that can cause this problem and your dog will usually react in the same way. After some time, he will start eating normally.

11. Behavioral issues

Dogs who have issues eating when other people or dogs are present o this because they had a problem of some kind that occurred in the past. For example, if he had issues with other dogs or humans when he ate, he may refuse to eat. Yes, he may refuse to eat for a couple of days so be prepared.

12. New home

If your dog switches home he will likely refuse to eat. This is a common thing and it affects all the animals. Just think of it. Your dog is all alone and he is in a completely new home and he doesn’t have any friends. He will feel lonely and scared. As the result, he will refuse to eat and this can last for days. Usually, some dogs may start eating after 3-4 days.

This issue is extremely common in puppies who get a new home. If or when that happens, they will whine, stay hidden most of the time and they will look sad. When you are sad you will refuse to eat as well. After some time he will start eating again.

13. Age

Old dogs may refuse to eat due to so many reasons. For instance, they may have damaged tooth or broken teeth that will cause pain every single time when he eats. Your dog may suffer from other issues caused by age as well. In a nutshell, if he is in pain or has some health-related issues caused by age he will refuse to eat and this can last for days.

The Final Word

What happens if a dog doesn’t eat for 3 days? This is not an extremely severe issue and there usually won’t be severe problems. However, it is a problem nonetheless and you need to help your pet in finding the solution. Keep in mind that you should take your pet to a vet after 48 hours of refusing to eat. It is likely that one of the reasons mentioned above is the cause and as such the solution is needed.

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